Five Supremely Random Things

See, this is what happens when your kids are on summer vacation, and then you have a ton of travel and there’s family drama and you’re gonna owe someone a movie script and you do owe someone else a book draft and then you get some animation work and a bunch of meetings and next thing you know, there’s a wedding and some MORE travel and your husband has to work in France and you have to work in New York, and your kids go back to school and everyone has tons of homework, plus you’re responsible for getting small people to drum lessons and soccer practice and flag football practice and Odyssey of the Mind practice, and BTW everyone still has to eat and shower and occasionally do something social…

… which I recognize is not much of an excuse now that summer is WAY over and, even in southern California, it’s starting to get cold and my kids are trying to figure out what their Halloween costumes will be.

Side note: last year, the oldest one was “Zombie Elmo.”  It was great because adults got the irony but little kids just were excited to see Elmo.  The youngest one, however, wanted to be “hair.”  Yes, hair.  Like the hair on your head.  I bought a dozen headbands with attached locks of nylon hair at the dollar store and began sewing them to a sweatshirt and pair of jeans…

… and then the younger one went to the party store with his father and realized that what he REALLY wanted was a crown and a shield.  Thus, for Halloween last year, he was “The King of Hair.”  It was quite a sight (and resulted in a LOT of explaining to people).

But back to my poor, poor neglected blog.  I know, I suck.  In honor of my sucking and blog neglect, I present to you: FIVE SUPREMELY RANDOM THINGS.

  1. I have finally paid someone to clean my house, even though it makes me feel guilty and over-privileged and lazy.  That might tell you something about how bad it had gotten.
  2. Do you know about OneFourKidLit?  If not, you should.  It’s the official group of MG and YA debut authors whose books publish in 2014.  If that’s you – if YOUR first traditionally published book will come out next year – I strongly urge you to get involved with this group.  They’ll support you and invest in you and be your advocate and cheering squad.  BUT HERE’S THE RUB: they are only accepting applications for new members through 10/31/2013.  That’s right around the corner so if your book is coming out next year, GET ON IT!
  3. Since there’s a 2014 group, there must be a 2015 group… right?  Right!  The group is named the Fearless Fifteeners and I volunteered to be one of the admins.  This was either a brilliant move on my part (so many new friends! their books! camaraderie!) or the worst choice ever (the work! egads, all the organizing and work!).  We will open for membership soon… VERY soon… so watch this space for details.  Here’s what I can share thus far: already, I have learned that the other 11 admins are thoughtful and generous and friendly.  I can’t wait to read and support their books.
  4. Over the summer, during the great dearth of television, I watched three new (to me) series that were all freaking fantastic.  Thus, I present to you my latest recommendations:
    1. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK on Netflix.  Yes, it’s about women in prison.  Yes, there are boobs and swearing and drugs and sex so it’s not going to be for everyone, but HOLY CRAP the writing is amazing.  It’s SO different and fresh, and like 90% of the actors are women and – get this – almost none of their storylines revolve around men!  I know, right?  As it turns out, women can be complex and interesting, with fascinating histories and choices and relationships.  World, I hope you’re paying attention!
    2. ORPHAN BLACK on BBC America.  Super weird, super smart, and like nothing you’ve seen before.  Plus, one actor – Tatiana Maslany – plays a whole bunch of different characters, and every single one is specific and genuine.  I can’t tell you much more without spoiler alerts going off, so just do this: check out the pilot episode.  You’ll be hooked.
    3. SCANDAL on ABC.  Somehow we missed it when it first came out, and then we had other shows to watch (be addicted to) so we never got on board UNTIL this summer (great dearth) when my husband said he wanted to check it out.  We ended up binging through the existing two seasons, finishing up right before the new season – season three – started just a couple weeks ago.  So now, although we’re thrilled to be appreciating the drama and politics and achingly painful love story at the same time as the rest of the world, we’re also bummed when an episode is over and we have to wait a WHOLE WEEK instead of just arrowing through to the next one.  I know… tough life, huh?
  5. It is KILLING me (although not LITERALLY killing me because that would be using the word incorrectly and I don’t do that… ahem!)… KILLING me that i can’t blab about this movie I mentioned about a zillion months ago.  It’s coming, I promise!  As soon as I can, I’m going to tell you ALL about it, and especially about the cool, smart, IMPORTANT source material it’s based on.  Special secret hint: it’s a YA book!
  6. I know, I know I said only five, but this just occurred to me: I cut all my hair off! New headshots coming soon…

Whew!  Okay, I’m back in the game, people.  It feels good to be here.

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  • Mirka Breen

    Hey, *welcome back, Jen!*
    That first paragraph works as a neglect-a-blogg excuse for me. I’d have gone there after the owing-someone-a-script and someone-else-a-draft… And you got to go to a wedding, too!

    • jenkleintweets

      Hi, Mirka!

  • Heather

    What fun to catch up on what you’ve been doing. I have to confess that I watch Scandal solely for the cuteness of President Grant…

    • jenkleintweets

      And by “President Grant,” you mean “that bad guy from Ghost…” :)

      • Heather

        Ha! Well, that’s what my husband said but I do not remember him looking that cute in Ghost. :)

  • Nina Badzin

    Just lost two weeks of my life catching up on seasons one and two of Scandal. Now into Orange is the new black. Love it all BUT sort of feeling ick about my TV addiction. I was so good for like two years And now it’s back.

    Missed you around the internets!

    • jenkleintweets

      There’s nothing wrong with TV addiction, right (RIGHT?). Nice to see you, too!

  • Leandra

    The King of Hair- love it! And you have been one busy woman.

  • stacey

    Don’t feel guilty about 1) – whatever let’s you keep your sanity is a good thing. Yay on 2) and especially 3)! and 6) – woohoo, post soon! I’m sure it’s adorable.

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